How do apprenticeships and traineeships work?

As an apprentice or trainee, you'll benefit from structured and competency-based training that equips you with a range of practical skills. While you learn, you'll earn a pay check and gain valuable hands-on experience, setting you up for long-term success.

There are many benefits to starting an apprenticeship or traineeship, including:

  • The ability to choose from a wide range of qualifications across all industries
  • Earning a wage while you are learning
  • Combining on-the-job training alongside formal TAFE or trade school education
  • Gaining practical and valuable experience to set you up for success post-qualifications
  • Access to government financial support and benefits (for eligible apprentices/trainees)

Finding an employer

There are a couple of ways to start an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Get hired directly by an employer or business

This means browsing and applying for jobs online, approaching employers you鈥檙e interested in working for and even asking family, friends, your school Career Advisor or your local 黑料不打烊 consultant if they know anyone who could take you on.

To get started, head to our dedicated apprenticeship and traineeship鈥疛ob Board鈥痶o browse and apply for jobs.

Get hired by a Group Training Organisation

As a registered Group Training Organisation (GTO), 黑料不打烊 can employ you directly and place you with a Host Employer to complete your apprenticeship or traineeship.鈥疻e鈥檒l remain your legal employer throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship.

This means:

  • We will pay your wages
  • We will monitor your training
  • We ensure you have the mentoring and support you need along the way

Your Host Employer will provide you with day-to-day work, supervision and on-the-job training as you work towards a nationally accredited qualification. The best bit? Security! If your placement with your Host Employer ends, we鈥檒l place you with another Host Employer, so your training and work can continue.

To view our apprentice and trainee vacancies, head to our鈥Job Board or find out more about becoming an apprentice or trainee with our GTO.

Becoming an apprentice or trainee

Take the first step towards your apprenticeship or traineeship

Getting started with an apprenticeship or traineeship can seem overwhelming, but don't worry, 黑料不打烊 are here to guide you through the process.

The first step is to figure out which industry you want to work in and to help you get on the right path. Visit the to learn more about different industries and occupations.

Securing your apprenticeship or traineeship

Once you know which industry you want to work in, securing an apprenticeship or traineeship has never been easier with 黑料不打烊鈥檚 Job Seeker toolkit.

  • Boost your job search with our expert resume and cover letter advice and templates
  • Prepare for success with our interview questions and top tips

Ready to apply? Once you鈥檙e ready to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship, our鈥疛ob Board鈥痠s where you鈥檒l find hundreds of opportunities right around Australia. Simply search and apply for jobs that match your passion, skills and interests

Sign-up and Training Contracts

After you've secured a job, 黑料不打烊 will ensure you make the best possible start to your apprenticeship and will conduct a sign-up appointment with you and your employer to sign your Training Contract. This official document marks the beginning of your apprenticeship or traineeship journey.

At this point, 黑料不打烊 may also help you select the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that will deliver your training. We'll work with you to ensure you're matched with the right provider for your needs.

Once your Training Contract is signed, 黑料不打烊 will register it with the relevant State Training Authority (STA). You'll receive a confirmation letter from the STA, acknowledging that you're officially registered as an Australian Apprentice. You'll also get an email from 黑料不打烊 with your apprentice or trainee registration number (hang onto this - it can be used to access all sorts of financial support and personal benefits!)

Start your training

After receiving confirmation from the STA, you can enrol you with your chosen RTO and develop a formal Training Plan. This is the perfect time to start your training and take the next step towards achieving your career goals!

How can 黑料不打烊 help you?

With over 40 years鈥 experience, 黑料不打烊 is here to guide you through the process of finding the right apprenticeship or traineeship and act as a facilitator between you, your employer, the State Training Authority and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 黑料不打烊's support doesn't stop once you've started your apprenticeship or traineeship. We'll help you throughout your training with any questions or concerns you have, provide you with advice and assistance relating to financial incentives, and provide ongoing support throughout your journey.


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    What is the difference between an apprenticeship and traineeship?

    Australian apprenticeships and traineeships are competency-based, which means completion can occur at any stage as long as all parties agree that the required skills (competencies) have been achieved.听

    • Apprenticeships: generally听take听between three to four years to complete depending on the qualification and are available in trade areas such as building and construction, commercial cookery, automotive, engineering, manufacturing and more听

    • Traineeships: generally听take听one to two years to complete depending on the qualification and are available in services areas such as business, retail, community health, childcare, hair and beauty, financial services and more听

    Most apprenticeships last four years while traineeships are shorter with one or two years needed.听

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    What is a Training Contract?

    Before an apprentice or trainee starts, the employer and apprentice or trainee enter into a Commonwealth Government Training Contract which clearly outlines each party鈥檚 responsibilities and entitlements. Each state has a different outline of the Training Contract, but you normally have 14 days to contact an Apprentice Connect Provider, like 黑料不打烊, to initiate the signing and registration of the contract.听听

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    What is an Apprentice Connect Provider?

    黑料不打烊 is an Apprentice Connect Provider contracted by the Australian Government to provide Australian Apprenticeship Support Services in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

    You can't start an apprenticeship or hire an apprentice without an Apprentice Connect Provider. 黑料不打烊 will help handle tasks such as finalising your training contract, and finding the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and guide you to understand which incentives you could claim.听听

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    What financial support is available to apprentices and trainees?

    The Australian Government offers financial support to eligible apprentices and trainees to help with costs associated with completing their qualification. 黑料不打烊 will check your eligibility for potential government financial incentives when you sign up for an apprentice or traineeship. For more information, visit our guide to incentives.

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    How does training work?听

    As an apprentice, you'll typically attend TAFE or a private training organisation one day a week or in week-long blocks, with your schedule agreed upon with your employer and RTO.

    Your employer is required to provide paid time for your training, which is included in your ordinary hours of work (38 hours). If you're unable to attend training, you won't receive pay for that time (unless you're on sick leave or another approved leave).

    Trainees, on the other hand, typically complete coursework on the job with regular visits from their trainers and assessors.听

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    Who pays for training fees and materials?

    When undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship, your employer is typically required to reimburse you for certain fees and costs related to your training. This may include fees charged by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the cost of prescribed textbooks.听听

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    Can I receive recognition of previous skills or experience?

    You can receive prior learning credits from past jobs, training, or experiences. You can access this through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments conducted by your RTO at the time of enrolment. RTOs also conduct Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) assessments for apprentices who have already completed some formal training in the relevant field.听

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    Can I change my employer during my apprenticeship/traineeship?

    If you're considering a change in employers during your apprenticeship or traineeship, here are the key steps to follow:听

    Cancel the original Training Contract: Complete a cancellation form with your current employer to cancel the original Training Contract. You and your employer must agree to the cancellation, and if you're under 18, your parent or guardian must also agree.听

    Sign a new Training Contract: Once the original contract is cancelled, sign a new Training Contract with your new employer.听

    Complete a new probation period: You'll need to complete a new probation period with your new employer.听

    Develop a new Training Plan: Work with your new employer to develop a new Training Plan.听

    Update your training record: Your new Registered Training Organisation (RTO) may be able to grant you credit or recognition for the work and training you've already completed. Make sure your training record is up to date.听

    Request an extract of service: You can request an official document from the relevant State Training Authority, confirming your apprenticeship or traineeship occupation and time served. A charge may apply for this service.听