Mentoring Services

We understand that, sometimes, apprentices or trainees may be affected or distracted by issues outside of the workplace that can negatively impact their work performance. This could include difficulties at home, during training, or for other reasons.

If you have noticed that your apprentice or trainee may need some assistance, 黑料不打烊 offers a free and confidential mentoring service to apprentices or trainees who you hire directly, and who have been signed into a training contract by 黑料不打烊.

These services include:

  • Development of a 鈥榮tay at work鈥 plan for apprentices or trainees who might be at risk of not completing their studies due to work, training, or personal issues
  • Regular site visits or phone calls to discuss challenges at home or work that may be impacting their performance
  • Offering advice for supervisors to provide them with the tools they need to manage staff issues
  • Connection to professional support services if and when required

Our mentors are here to help apprentices or trainees with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Title
    Work and training
    • Completing paperwork or accessing information
    • Transport issues
    • Difficulty understanding job role
    • Workplace issues
    • Completing training or assessments
    • Language, literacy or numeracy
    • Dissatisfaction with apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Title
    • Relationships
    • Lack of stable housing
    • Access to cultural programs and support
    • Mental health
    • Disability
    • Finances
    • Life skill development
    • Drug and alcohol problems

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